Drones Applications

Drones In The Accident Insurance Industry.

A major problem in the insurance industry is sometimes the inability to ascertain the cause or extent of damage after accidents.

 With the development of drones that are capable of flying at high altitudes and capturing high definition images, clear aerial views of accident sites can be obtained and examined to determine the cause and extent of damages resulting from accidents.

Aid can then be adequately prepared and sent to the site. The aid workers will already be aware of the situation on ground and, as such, they will pack all the necessary items and only this.

It will also enable them to discard unnecessary equipment that could serve to slow them down. This helps in no small ways to save time.


Drones are also very useful in prevention of disasters. Before buying a property for example, a drone can be used to determine whether the area is prone to natural disasters.

 Drones are able to sense risk prone areas because they possess geo-mapping qualities. Drones are cost effective because geo-mapping and area surveys can be done repeatedly without incurring extra expenses.

Drones mirror the functions of space satellites; they monitor designated areas and deliver accurate and up to date information about the state of those areas.

These surveillance and risk monitoring qualities can be put to use in different sectors.

Drones are used on construction or mining sites like oil fields and gas wells to check for dangerous things like oil leakage, they are also used in agriculture to monitor crop health and prevent spread of diseases.

Drones enable insurance companies and law enforcement agencies to identify emergencies quickly, ascertain the location and send appropriate reinforcement to salvage the situations.

In high risk emergencies that may endanger rescuers’ lives, basic first aid and other kind of help can be sent to the accident site through drones.


Drones are getting more and more effective, daily improvements are making them increasingly suited for use in more sectors and ways than we can imagine.

With the implementation of the necessary endorsements and permissions, drone technology would evolve into all we’ve imagined it to be and more.