Alternative Applications of FaceTime For Windows - Video Calling App

As we all know that all the Apple devices include some exclusive features which other devices does not have. Just like that face time is a unique and special application which you can find only in apple devices. This is basically a video calling application. The quality of video calling gets improved by this app. But many of us do not have an apple device with us. In that situation, you might feel sorrow for not having such features but many alternatives are there for face time. So in this article, we will share all the detail information on the alternative applications of face time. Fixed Facetime on Windows 10 PC errors, it will help you to understand that you can also enjoy the same features of facetime for android apk or windows device.

Alternative Applications of FaceTime:

  • Skype- When we are talking about alternatives of face time application the first name come to our mind is Skype. Skype's video chat facilities work over a variability of bandwidths and keep very decent call quality. You will surely enjoy the video calling through Skype. You can also have the facility to rate the calls after finishing that. By having a basic account in Skype (very easy to have) you can call any other Skype users in all over the world.
  • Tango- This is the perfect replacement of face time. It was introduced in 2009 for Android devices. But now you can use it in android and windows devices. You can do voice calls, video calls, text and image chats through this application. The sign-up process in tango is free and the procedure is pretty smooth. Tango can be used on Wi-Fi connection only. But the quality is excellent. You can make a one to one video call through this app.
  • Hangout- This replaced the g-talk application of Google. Actually, Google improved all the features of G-talk and introduce hangout in the market. This is an excellent way of video calling and chatting. You can use this in your android phones, windows devices and also in your Mac pc. You can have a conference call of 10 members at a time by this app. So it is not only a one to one conversation app. Hangout has some facility which face time does not include. Hangout can work on your regular data connection easily and beautifully. Hangout calling is absolutely free. You just need to have a Google id for using hangout.
  • Viber- This is also a very good alternative to face time. Viber was introduced almost 6 years back. But that time it only had messaging and audio calling facility. But in 2014 they include video calling facility in it. This application is perfectly designed for mobiles. It has almost 280 million users from all over the world.
  • Line- This now becomes very popular like WhatsApp and Viber. You can have the facility of free video calling, chatting, and audio calling by downloading this application in your phone. It has 200 million users all over the world. The popularity of the line is increasing day by day.

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