IoT Technology: 3 Distinct Reasons Modern Farmers Embrace It

Obviously, the internet has had its touch on every facet of the human society today. It has been defining the pattern by which goods are produced, marketed...

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Alternative Applications of FaceTime For Windows - Video Calling App

As we all know that all the Apple devices include some exclusive features which other devices does not have. Just like that face time is a unique and special application which you can find only in apple devices. This is basically a video calling application. The quality of video calling gets improved by this app. But many of us do not have an apple device with us. In that situation, you might feel sorrow for not having such features but many alternatives are there for face time. So in this article, we will share all the detail information on the alternative applications of face time. Fixed Facetime on Windows 10 PC errors, it will help you to understand that you can also enjoy the same features of facetime for android apk or windows device.

Alternative Applications of FaceTime:

  • Skype- When we are talking about alternatives of face time application the first name come to our mind is Skype. Skype's video chat facilities work over a variability of bandwidths and keep very decent call quality. You will surely enjoy the video calling through Skype. You can also have the facility to rate the calls after finishing that. By having a basic account in Skype (very easy to have) you can call any other Skype users in all over the world.
  • Tango- This is the perfect replacement of face time. It was introduced in 2009 for Android devices. But now you can use it in android and windows devices. You can do voice calls, video calls, text and image chats through this application. The sign-up process in tango is free and the procedure is pretty smooth. Tango can be used on Wi-Fi connection only. But the quality is excellent. You can make a one to one video call through this app.
  • Hangout- This replaced the g-talk application of Google. Actually, Google improved all the features of G-talk and introduce hangout in the market. This is an excellent way of video calling and chatting. You can use this in your android phones, windows devices and also in your Mac pc. You can have a conference call of 10 members at a time by this app. So it is not only a one to one conversation app. Hangout has some facility which face time does not include. Hangout can work on your regular data connection easily and beautifully. Hangout calling is absolutely free. You just need to have a Google id for using hangout.

IoT Technology: 3 Distinct Reasons Modern Farmers Embrace It

Obviously, the internet has had its touch on every facet of the human society today. It has been defining the pattern by which goods are produced, marketed and consumed.

 Internet of Things (IoT) has had positive prospect in several industries like manufacturing, petrochemical and medicine unlike agriculture where adoption of IoT technology has not been fully utilized.

Indeed, several efforts geared towards the increase of food production are crystal clear to some of us.

The sporadic growth of our population over the years has put upon us the need to improve on the quality and quantity of food production so that our ever increasing mouths can be fed.

Some of the measures put in place, like pesticides and fertilizer application, have not enjoyed prominence by users.

The emergence of IoT has opened doors to farmers on how to boost their farm yields in several ways.

 Interestingly, these new ways are friendly and easy to apply than poisonous chemicals and genetic manipulation.

Farmers are being guided in the area of agricultural best methods with the aid of internet enabled network communication.

As it is now, modern actors in the agriculture industry are embracing technological innovations in the sector because of its capacity to increase crop yield.

 The acceptability of the IoT innovations in the area of agriculture is as a result of these reasons:

Ease And Cost Of Usage

It is apparently clear that the farm allows for easy deployment of internet enabled networking devices at a relative affordable cost unlike what is applicable in sophisticated industrial environment such as the refinery.

In such a place, deployment of new technology is a difficult task because the old technology must, first of all, be carefully removed or harnessed.

Effecting new technologies in sophisticated industries raises concerns such as lost of revenue  and time.

On the farm, cost effective sensors can be stationed in various areas to provide information that will enhance farm yield to the farmer.

Instant Impact Of Usage

It is worthy of note that IoT technology have the capacity to have an instantaneous effect on agricultural productivity if it is given the nod.

With the IoT technology, existing agricultural principles can be applied easily.

In other words, information on varieties of crops to plant and the interval at which fertilizer can be applied can get to the doors of farmers at ease through IoT.

As it is, farmers would find value for their money as the new technology would help them in no small measure to equip them with information on how to control pests and other farm issues naturally.

The impact of this measure can be seen and analyzed in a single farm season.

Sustained Utility Of Value

It is logical that the same measures that paved way for instant value will continue to provide value for as long as they are adopted and used. 

Continuous application of these practices will reduce wastage and increase productivity. Be that as it may, farmers are provided with information to improve upon their everyday farming activities.

This, of course can be made possible by IoT innovations.

By this deployment of IoT technology on the farm, connected farm machineries can record useful data and information about their operations and maintenances.

 These information will enable the farmer take necessary decision that will boost yield.



Fiber Optic Cables: 6 Amazing Facts About Them

Fiber optic cables have been in use for a very long time but only few people understand what they are or the purpose they serve.

It, therefore, becomes expedient to provide insight into the world of these cables so that majority of people can know what they are all about. Here are six amazing things to know about these cables.

Fiber Optic Cables Are Known To History

The knowledge of these cables became known around 1990 but they had been around since late 19th century like other emerging technologies.

These cables are being improved upon on daily basis so that humanity can be bettered through them. This shows that humanity has always been working on these cables to add meaning to their existence.

They Are Eco-friendly

Every society welcomes companies that produce products that are not harmful to lives and properties.

Fiber optic cables make use of very small amounts of light to transport data from a place to another.

As a result of this low energy requirement and consumption , the environment is protected from the inflow of carbon dioxide. This low energy intake makes it cost effective and very affordable.

The Cables Rely On Light And Not Heat

One distinct feature of fiber optic cables is that no heat is involved in its transmission of information and the outbreak of fire is never a concern.

This absence of heat is an indication that intending users can be free to have the cables installed in their closets without any form of fear.

They Allow For High Speed Of Data Transportation

Fiber optics cables transmit data at a very high speed. Records have it that the cables transmit close to 16 terabytes per second over a distance of 7,000km.

This record has continuously endeared it to both network providers and the teeming consumers who have always used the platform to transport data and information from time to time.

They Support Multiple Applications

Against the backdrop that fiber optic cables are only being employed in transporting computer data, the platform supports other applications in fields like art, imaging optics and of course in shielding artificial Christmas decorations.

This is an indication that the cables can be successful used in every area of human endeavour.

They Are Independent Of Weather Conditions

Fiber optic cables rely only on heat and this makes it independent of weather changes. Weather varieties like rain, cold and temperature do not pose any challenge to the operation of fiber optic cables.

In conclusion, it is pertinent to use cables manufactured by reputable fiber optic companies do that utility derived can last the test of time.




Use Of Drones In Health And Accident Insurance Industries

Drones have been around for a long time. They have been a staple of civilizations throughout history but nowadays, the more popular form propagated by modern day technology has become the norm.

Drones are one of the most talked about inventions. Unmanned aerial vehicles are still in the process of evolving; with several improvements on the model as time goes by, drones are becoming faster, easier to control and a lot more reliable.

The fast rate of development of drones has made them more relevant to our world and increasingly applicable to more and more areas of our lives.

They are used extensively by the military but they have also been employed for regular, civilian uses. Drones are a staple of many industries like the movie industry, health, and they have even been adopted as toys for kids.

 Drones now play a very vital role in two industries that affect our quality of life directly.

Drones In The Healthcare Industry

Paramedic care is a very vital component of healthcare. A very good percentage of threats to life and health are posed by accidents.

A recent survey carried out by an independent agency in the United Kingdom alluded to the fact that more than 20 percent of the overall deaths in the UK in 2016 were as a result of accidents.

Majority of accidents are potentially life threatening, and they call for immediate first aid care at the location of the accident.

 This is necessary to prevent death and other complications that may occur on the way to a hospital.

Paramedics and rescuers are limited, however, in the amount or extent of cases that they can attend to, this is because some accident sites like fires and floods are too dangerous to be approached by healthcare officials.

This is because these accidents quite naturally make the site inaccessible. Floods have been known to completely wipe of bridges and road networks while fires are not something that you can just walk through.

In cases like this, you need special equipment that will let you know where the major casualties are and how best to direct aid to that area.

In cases like that, drones which are unmanned aerial vehicles and do not need a pilot can be used to rescue and offer help to accident victims without putting the lives of rescuers at risk.

This reduces the casualties involved in accidents to a substantial minimum.

The surveillance property of drones can be employed to ensure timely reporting of accidents and prompt dispersal of necessary help to the accident site.

This would ensure that accidents victims are taken care of as soon as possible and unnecessary deaths are prevented.

A lot of deaths in accidents occur due to the fact that aid do not arrive when necessary. Some injuries have to be attended to on time else they will lead to the death of the victim.

In some countries, the use of drones enables healthcare establishments to maximize their human resources. This is because the simple adoption of this technology negates the need for some other tools.

Drugs and other healthcare supplies are delivered to hospitals by drones in these countries, giving healthcare officials more time to concentrate on more important activities.


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